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welcome INVESTORS!

Whatever the investing strategy, whatever your level of experience, we are here to guide you through the process of finding that first or next project! Our agents are investors in the local market, who better to team up with? 

Here are the strategies that we are here to help you with!

House Hacking

Purchase a single-family home and live in one room and rent out the other rooms, or purchase a small multifamily property and live in one unit and rent the others out. A great strategy for beginning investors looking to utilize low money down, owner occupied loans to get started in their investing journey.

Buy & Hold

Purchase a single-family or small multi-family property and rent it out! If you don’t have time for a renovation, but want to put your money to work for you and build your portfolio, this is the strategy for you.


Buy a property that needs some work, rehab that property, rent the property out, refinance the property using its improved value (pulling some, if not all of your original investment out to use again) and repeat the process. If you have a finite chunk of cash for investing, this is a great way to keep that chunk of money working for you, over and over and build your portfolio.


Buy a property that needs some work, rehab the property, then sell the property for a profit. 

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Purchase a property, furnish the property, advertise it as a short-term rental, or mid-term rental. Hampton Roads is a great area to work this strategy. As long as you are aware of what the local municipalities are doing about regulations (which is why you have an expert guide you), then this can be a profitable strategy in our beautiful area.

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